Susie Q’s Personal Financial Planner

Susie Q’s  Personal Financial Planner

What are your dreams? What are your hopes for your life? Are there things that are important to you? What keeps you up at night?  A solid financial plan will make the answers to these questions clearer and better allow you to achieve your aspirations and minimize your worries.  Whatever stage you are at – starting your career, approaching retirement or going through big life changes, Financial IQ by Susie Q’s Personal Financial Planner, available here, lends structure to help you meet your own life goals and minimize your risk.  It’s comprehensive; it’s meaningful; and it creates a framework for you to pull it all together for yourself.

Financial Planner

Financial IQ by Susie Q’s Personal Financial Planner provides a template for you to compile your own personalized financial plan.  The Introduction section provides guidance on the process of creating your financial plan.  The various sections in the Planner cover:

  • Identifying your purpose for preparing a financial plan and setting your goals.
  • Determining your current financial position.
  • Developing a plan to get from your current situation to meeting your goals.
  • Documenting all of your important financial information.

In addition, the Insurance Supplement (part of the download) allows you to document the details of all of your insurance coverages.

As you go work on your financial plan, you may have questions about certain sections.  There are links to posts on most of the topics included in a financial plan below.  Or, feel free to contact me at  While we generally won’t answer questions specific to your situation, we are happy to provide insights about factors that might influence your decision or provide you with additional information.

Best Practices

The best practice is to print the Personal Financial Planner, including the Insurance Supplement.  Once you have completed your financial plan, you can place it in a binder along with the supporting documents.

We recommend that, once completed, you keep your Financial Plan in a secure location.  And, if you share your finances with one or more other people, be sure that they all know where to find your Financial Plan.  In an emergency, having easy access to all of your financial documentation can be important.

And, just because you have all your financial plan completed and in a safe place, don’t forget about it!  Your financial plan is a living document.  You’ll want to update it at least once a year and any time a significant life event my impact your goals or finances.


Here are links that might be helpful as you prepare your financial plan.

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